Supply Chain Resilience

Supply Chain Risk Management and Resilience

Best Practice Case Studies in Supply Chain Cybersecurity in the Power Sector (2018)

UTC Journal 4th Quarter 2018

Best Practice Case Studies in Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management (2015)

Intel                                                 Exelon

Cisco                                                Boeing-Exostar                                     

Juniper                                             Fujitsu

NetApp                                             Great River Energy

Fireye                                               P&G

SEL                                                   DuPont

Northrup                                          Hi-tech Communications Company

John Deere                                       Resilinc

Utility Supply Chain                         Smart Manufacturing


Supply Chain Best Practice Case Studies (2012)

De-Risking the Supply Chain: Cisco’s Risk Intelligence and Analytic Tools

Supply Chains in Crisis: Dealing with Disaster—Cisco’s Response in Japan

Dow Chemical: Strategies for Supply Chain Security and Sustainability

Managing for Operational Excellence: Supply Chain Thought Leadership at DuPont

HP: Mature Business Processes for End-to-End Supply Chain Security

Cybersecurity: A New and Growing Threat for Supply Chains

NASA Supply Chain Challenge: Maintaining the Vitality of its Space Industrial Base

Securing Information on the Smart Grid: Telvent Supply Chain Best Practices

Verizon: Building Security into the Network