Supply Chain Risk Management and Resilience

Best Practice Case Studies in Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management (2015)

Intel                                                 Exelon

Cisco                                                Boeing-Exostar                                     

Juniper                                             Fujitsu

NetApp                                             Great River Energy

Fireye                                               P&G

SEL                                                   DuPont

Northrup                                          Hi-tech Communications Company

John Deere                                       Resilinc

Utility Supply Chain                         Smart Manufacturing


Supply Chain Best Practice Case Studies (2012)

De-Risking the Supply Chain: Cisco’s Risk Intelligence and Analytic Tools

Supply Chains in Crisis: Dealing with Disaster—Cisco’s Response in Japan

Dow Chemical: Strategies for Supply Chain Security and Sustainability

Managing for Operational Excellence: Supply Chain Thought Leadership at DuPont

HP: Mature Business Processes for End-to-End Supply Chain Security

Cybersecurity: A New and Growing Threat for Supply Chains

NASA Supply Chain Challenge: Maintaining the Vitality of its Space Industrial Base

Securing Information on the Smart Grid: Telvent Supply Chain Best Practices

Verizon: Building Security into the Network