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Debra van Opstal

Debra is the executive Director of the US Resilience Project, launched resilience programs immediately following 9/11 when she was the Senior Vice President of the Council on Competitiveness. She focuses on the business case and business best practices, authoring such reports as, Transform. The Resilient Economy  (2007); Prepare: Findings from the Workshop on Risk Intelligence and Resilience (2008), , “The Resilience Imperative” in Innovations, special edition to the World Economic Forum (2009); the report of a USRP Resilience Roundtable with the National Security Staff,  Priorities for America’s Preparedness: Best Practices from the Private Sector (2011) and Supply Chain Solutions for Smart Grid Security (2012) Van Opstal has served on national resilience policy groups such as Steering Committee of the Community and Regional Resilience Initiative, the Resilience Policy Forum, the Global Business Policy Forum, National Resilience Coalition and the National Infrastructure Advisory Council study on Electric Power Resilience