The mission of the U.S. Resilience Project (USRP) is to strengthen resilience by:

  • Documenting the business and economic case for resilience: The case for resilience must be built around the potential for productivity gains, customer satisfaction and shareholder value, not just loss avoidance.
  • Capturing best practices, processes and tools for resilience: Best practices and tools are rarely captured and shared — and some of the best solutions are hiding in plain sight.
  • Catalyzing partnerships that leverage resources, assets and capabilities across the public and private sectors: Public-public and private-private partnerships are as essential to building resilience as public-private partnerships. The capacity for resilience creates competitive advantage for companies, communities, cities, countries — and of course current and future generations of citizens. Resilience is not an innate quality; it is deployed through processes, networks and organizational tools that enable risk intelligence, connectivity, agility and adaptability.